We The People XD Mod 2 Sub-Compact IWB Holster Review

Since picking up my Springfield XD Mod2 subcompact, I’ve been using the factory holster. It’s a right hand OWB plain Jane option. I typically run it lower back as an IWB option for easy access as a right hander. I wanted to see what other options were available and a brand that I have seen all over the place is We The People Holsters.

I reached out to the folks at We The People and they provided us with a holster to test and review. The holster I chose was the SPRINGFIELD XD MOD.2 3″ SUB-COMPACT 9MM/.40SW IWB HOLSTER in the simple black finish. Here’s what I have to say about giving their product a good go for the last couple of months.

Initial Reaction

When the box arrived there was no doubting what was inside. I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of receiving items with a lot of branding on the outside of the box. I don’t necessarily want my mail carrier or nosey neighbor to know what I’m buying. I prefer more discrete packaging but that’s just my personal preference.

Once unboxed, I did like the quality and feel of the holster. It’s made of Kydex as many similar products are and has a good quality-to-weight ratio. It’s also definitely worth mentioning that these are made right here in the ol’ US of A which are major bonus points in my book. I like to see freedom products made in the land of freedom.


For the design, as I mentioned above, I chose the plain black option. I like the simplicity of black as well as the fact that it is less likely to draw attention if your concealment becomes not so concealed. However, if you’re more inclined to be bold with your holster, they offer a lot of really interesting design choices to choose from. They have printed designs like an American Flag, Gadsden Flag, as well as other plain colors and patterns. That’s pretty cool if you’re into that, it’s just not my thing.


For me, and I’m sure everyone reading this, the real question is how does the holster fit? Both, how does it fit the weapon and how does it fit the person?

Right out of the box, my XD Mod2 ‘snapped’ right into the holster. The subtle click wasn’t as aggressive as some holsters but for something for basic concealment and retention it sounded really solid. I immediately did a quick shake test, similar to Dairy Queen. A few shakes upside down and the firearm stayed properly in place. Firearm fitment – check.

Next was to see how the holster fit me. Since I normally run an OWB ‘backwards’ I couldn’t place it in the usual lower back location. However, I placed it IWB both in the front appendix as well as right hip. In both areas it fit pretty well and was mostly comfortable. There is some printing but I’m less concerned with that than my counterpart Geardo. (Read his review on the Glock version here). As Geardo mentions, there is an add-on called The Claw to help with concealment if you’re concerned with keeping an extra low profile.

One solid plus for me was how aggressive the belt clip is. It’s definitely snug and there’s little to no chance that puppy is coming out when you draw your weapon. It stays firmly in place, almost to a fault, taking some extra attention to remove the holster at the end of your day of Everyday2A carrying.

Wrap Up

So, after a few months, what do I think? I think it’s a great holster. I have had zero problems with it from a usability or quality perspective. It has held up well and functions exactly how you’d expect it to. It’s a product that ‘just works’ which isn’t all that common these days.

The SPRINGFIELD XD MOD.2 3″ SUB-COMPACT 9MM/.40SW IWB HOLSTER is going to run you $41 and that’s without The Claw. Combined you’re in the $60 neighborhood and that’s pricing of some upper tier holsters. I never have a problem paying for a good Made in the USA product. Just know that this isn’t going to be a cheap option nor is it a high-end player.

That being said, you won’t go wrong with choosing an option from We The People as we’ve now reviewed a few of their products. In fact, if you’re looking for a Gadsden or Molon Labe design on a domestically made product, you’d be hard pressed to find anything else on the market.

Stay frosty friends and remember, never go Full Semi Auto.


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