Initial Thoughts & Unboxing:

We The People Holsters is known for their various prints, but I decided to go with solid black in the Glock 19 IWB, Glock 26 IWB and Glock 19 OWB. My holsters took a small bit of tweaking to get things suitable for my application. The retention of the weapon needed a quick tightening to keep things from sliding out, but it was a pretty easy adjustment.


General Review:

After several weeks of daily carry, I can pretty safely come to the following conclusions. My preferred position of carry is at 1 o’clock under a t-shirt. Coming from my regular EDC holster, the difference in printing is considerable enough that I would have to work on a solution if this was going to be my EDC. The nice trade-off is that the We The People Holster is a bit more comfortable than my current EDC. I did notice that We The People Holster offers an item called “The Claw” to help with printing issues.

The Glock 19 OWB holster performs like a standard OWB holster. It’s obviously a good bit more comfortable, but at the expense of concealment. It is great for carrying in the yard, or under a coat.



  • Price point is pretty reasonable when you consider the frequency of their promotions.
  • Made in USA. There’s a lot of imported junk out there, especially in the holster world.
  • I was surprised at the comfort level when carrying appendix. My hunch is that this comfort was unfortunately at the expense of concealment (see cons).


  • Concealment was a bit of a problem for me at my preferred carry position. The We The People IWB holsters for the Glock 19 & 26 were both printing at an unacceptable level. They do sell what they call “The Claw” to help reduce printing. The problem is that if you start adding additional costs to the holster than it loses some of it’s budget friendly status.
  • The packaging that the holsters come in could be a little more discreet. It’s pretty clear to anybody that touches that package that there are holsters in the bag. In other words, this home has guns (most likely).

Overall, the holsters function as intended. These are relatively inexpensive holsters that I would consider appropriate for the casual EDC user. I encourage you to buy and try for yourself with their generous return policy.

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