If you’re not already familiar with the Ruger PC (Pistol Caliber) Carbine or my previous review, you’re missing out. Ruger has developed a solid platform chambered in 9mm that possesses a lot of desirable characteristics. From the factory, the Ruger PCC features a stout factory threaded and fluted, cold hammer forged barrel. To sweeten the deal, the carbine breaks down like the 10/22 breakdown and comes with an adapter to accept Glock magazines. Where the factory PCC lacked ingenuity, Tandemkross took an otherwise underserved platform and continues to innovate.

The Installation:

Like every other TK upgrade, the UPRISER Chassis was very intuitive and easy to install. The kit even included the necessary Allen wrenches to complete the installation. I would recommend using a longer Allen wrench when installing the “hiveGrip” as the included Allen wrench was a tad short, but doable. The only tool you will need to provide for installation is a Phillips head screwdriver, though I would recommend a castle nut wrench for the buffer tube.

I used the guide found here for my install, but also take a look at the install video from Bill on the TandemKross YouTube Channel. All-in-all, the total installation time was less than an hour from mailbox to range ready.

The Chassis & Stock/Grip Adaptor

tandemkross-ruger-carbine-product-reviewMy Ruger PCC is one of the original models (19100) with the basic stock and furniture, so this new chassis was a massive upgrade. The TK chassis is the basis for the individual upgrades listed below in the review. The chassis upgrade features an adapter that adds a spot for an AR-15 pistol grip and mil-spec buffer tube that was not otherwise available on my factory original PCC (19100).

I’ll be honest that when I first saw the SHOT Show videos of the angled buffer tube, I raised an eyebrow or two. I trusted the folks at TK and that trust was yet again not misplaced. It feels very natural and allows for a more comfortable sight picture.

The kit includes a grip, but the chassis will accept most AR-15 pistol grips.

If you don’t have an extra milspec buffer tube and stock laying around, consider adding one from TK for $34.99.

Extended Magazine Release:

If you don’t buy this kit for any other reason, do it for the trigger finger magazine release. I had a great feeling about it during the installation process and an even higher respect for it at the range. The arm of the release is long enough to accommodate for even a shorter trigger finger like mine. The button is textured and wide enough for an easy and positive toggle of the magazine release. This is truly the most intuitive upgrade and my favorite part about this kit.

Flared Magwell:

tandemkross-flared-magwell-product-reviewA great pairing to the trigger finger extended magazine release, the flared magwell was a nice improvement to my magazine change process. I felt like I was making professional level magazine changes right out of the gate. The increased width and beveling make for a great reduction in your margin for error when changing mags. That might mean shaved seconds in competition, showing off at range day, or improved efficiency in a self defense scenario. The flared magwell is included with the package, but optional to install. No matter what you use your PC carbine for, the flared magwell from TK offers a competitive advantage that you can’t live without.


The chassis will accept most AR-15 grips, but the kit includes the proprietary “hiveGrip”.TK makes a “hiveGrip” for several platforms, but this was my first experience with it. The honeycomb design creates a very positive grip, is comfortable, and really adds a unique aesthetic that I’ve come to know from TK. Included is a stopper for the bottom to allow storage in your grip. The grip itself is sold separately for around $39.99 and would make a nice upgrade for your AR style rifle.

Review Round-Up:

tandemkross-pc-carbine-ruger-reviewAs I’ve said in my previous TK reviews, what puts them on the next level is their customer service. The team at Tandemkross has been very easy to connect with and have treated me as if I was their best customer. Speedy turnarounds on shipping. Their products are made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

As their motto states, they’ve taken an otherwise good gun and made it great. Whether you are looking to build a race gun for competition shooting, or just want improved ergonomics and reliability from your PCC, you can’t go wrong with the full package of Tandemkross upgrades. Join the Uprising and become Tandemized!

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