If you’ve read some of my other reviews (such as this one), you’ll know I’m not a big fan of the flashy. When it comes to being an Everyday2A kind of guy I prefer to be more subtle in my approach. That’s why when I heard about The Bronx from Lynx Defense I was intrigued. A rifle case that doesn’t draw unwanted attention? Count me in.

Some people prefer camo or aggressive styling on their cases and range bags. The problem with that, in my humble opinion, is that in normal circumstances it screams “look at me, here’s a bag full of expensive gear.” The last thing you want sitting in the back of your car, or rolling on the luggage cart into your hotel, is something that is bringing unnecessary eyes to your situation. Keep a low profile.

The Bronx rifle case aims to do just that.


Unboxing – First Thoughts

First, I was glad that it showed up at my doorstep in a nondescript USPS bag. I prefer to keep my firearm purchases to myself instead of my mail carrier and nosey neighbors. Even my wife had no idea what it was so that’s an additional perk.

After opening the packaging, I was impressed with a couple of components of the case immediately. My first reaction was how light the beg felt. It wasn’t bulky or awkwardly balanced at all. When you’re going to be loading something up with a rifle and other gear you don’t want necessary weight and this case doesn’t have that at all.

The next thing that I immediately noticed was the structure. While it is a soft case by definition, there is definitely a solid framing and shape to the design. Nothing about it flops around. I’m not a textile expert by any means but I would say that proper stitching and foam inserts are what does the trick. However they do it, I like it.

Right out of the gate this case seemed unlike most other soft cases I had tried out. Lightweight, rigid, and well made were my initial thoughts. (Oh, and I should definitely mention that it is Made in the U.S.A right here in North Carolina, which are some additional Brownie Points in my book.)

Initial Use – Carrying a Rifle

The inside of the case is a soft felt-like material. This allows for a Velcro-like attachment of the straps and optional accessories. I say Velcro-like because it doesn’t seem like traditional Velco, or hook and loop, but rather a similar setup. The case comes with three straps attached that come loose and can be placed anywhere on the inside of the case. This makes it very flexible based on the rifle you are choosing to carry. Here it what it looks like with my AR-15 initially strapped in:


I do like the flexibility of the individual straps. Since they can be moved around the case, it lends itself to a wide variety of applications. You could easily carry a variety of weapons in the same case which a traditional foam insert in a hard case would not allow you to do. If you find yourself swapping out weapons for certain trips or range days, this would be a great option for you on that front.

You’ll also see in the photo that my rifle fits very well, though there’s not a lot of additional space. That is a 14.5” with the stock collapsed, so you couldn’t carry a lot of additional length with this particular case. I just wanted to point that out since your use may be different than mine. If you need a wider case, they do make larger options.


As you can see in that photo above, the case works extremely well for quickly strapping in a variety of rifles and heading out. You’ll notice though that there isn’t any additional storage space within the case. There is a zip pouch on the outside that you could use for a few mags, ear pro, things of that nature, but it occupies maybe 20% of the front section. You won’t be carrying a lot of anything in that area.

In order to address this, there seem to be some additional accessories that you can get from Lynx that will “Velcro” to the inside of the bag. Lynx makes two add-ones, the Hush Pouch and Mag Wrap that will increase the functionality of your bag. I did not have these items to test so I’m not sure how much value they add to the case. However I would say that adding some ability to strap in additional items would be hugely valuable. Just realize that this is going to add more cost to the setup. I would prefer if one or both of these items were standard with the case since I believe there’s just not enough storage capability if you’re looking at carrying this back to the range right out of the box. Especially at the price point of this bag, it’s hard to want to add accessories right out of the gate.

Once you load it up it feels great though. The case keeps its form really well and nothing moves around inside. All of the straps are sewn with quality in mind so even under a bit of weight the case does not budge. As I carried it around, in and out of the house, in and out of the car, it had a great feel. I love the sturdiness of a hard case with the flexibility of a soft case. I’m not sure if this would be considered a hybrid between the two but I think of it that way. There’s a lot of protection built into the thick padded sides while not feeling bulky.

Made in the USA

I don’t want to harp on this but I thought it was worth mentioning again. It’s truly hard to find American made products these days and I’m glad Lynx is keeping things domestically produced. As a North Carolinian, I’m even more proud that these bags are sewn about half an hour from where I live. Inside the bag was a quality card that shows off who made the bag and where. It’s those small touches that add to a product rating for me. It’s great when you can support putting food on the table of a neighbor.



So what’s the bottom line?

I’ll keep it short and sweet. From the moment you open the package you’ll notice the quality. The case is solid, keeps it shape, while still allowing for that soft case functionality like taking up less space for storage. The straps make it quick to secure any rifle or switch between rifles which a traditional hard case and foam setup does not allow for. Within minutes you’ll be set for the range with a very inconspicuous setup. If you travel a lot or just want to keep a low profile, this bag is the discreet way to go.

Priced at $219.99, it’s definitely not a cheap option, nor should it be. It’s handcrafted in the USA and the quality is apparent. By the time you throw in some accessories and tax you’re knocking on $300 and that’s worth considering. This bag seems worth every penny and feels like it can handle some serious mileage. The Bronx by Lynx Defense gets a recommendation from me and I’ll keep you updated as we put it through the paces.

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