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When establishing a relationship with a new affiliate, one of the first things I like to do is absorb the mission of the company. I often ask myself does the mission of this company align with what we’re doing here at Everyday 2A? When browsing the BulletSafe website, the leading paragraph of the ‘About Us’ section really stood out. “BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests was launched to ensure that people have an affordable, protective choice in body armor. BulletSafe’s goal is to save as many lives as possible by making protection affordable, so that companies can protect their employees and so individuals can protect themselves.” It’s clear that these folks care about safety, so we were pretty excited at the chance to work with them.

If you’re like us, we spend as much time as possible at the range. We have a lot of fun, but we also work very hard to insure the safety of ourselves and those around us. When accidents happen at the range, injury can occur in the blink of an eye. Just the same, we find ourselves in the midst of some of the more trying times in our nations history. Whether it’s a fun day at the range, the middle of social unrest, or a whole host of reason, safety is important.

Comfort & Wear

Out of the box, I threw on my new BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA and began wearing it during everyday activity. With relative ease, I was able to drive a manual transmission vehicle, and did not experience major issues when moving to shift or looking to change lanes. Pay close attention to their sizing chart and be sure to get a proper fit before ordering. Though I did I did follow their sizing recommendations, my vest feels a tad wide. This could be attributed to my smaller frame, or because I’ve never worn a vest before I did not know what to expect. Overall, it’s a comfortable vest and is suitable for my everyday carry needs. For my purposes, the vest is concealable with a jacket, but not a regular t-shirt.


When laying out our testing method for our BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA, we decided to start with the largest calibers first, and worked our way down. BulletSafe has tested and rates it up to .44 Magnum. In the absence of Dirty Harry, we were able source to use the following weapons/ammo in the following order:

  • Kimber K6S – .357 Magnum – 180 grain JHP
  • Glock 41 – 45 ACP – 185 grain FMJ
  • Glock 23 – 40 S&W – 150 grain FMJ
  • Glock 19 – 9mm – 85 grain JHP +P
  • Kimber K6S – 38 S&W Special – 158 grain JSP
  • Kimber K6S – .357 Magnum – 180 grain JHP

Seeing that The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA performed well for the first 5 shots, we decided to cycle back through to the .357 Magnum to deliver a serious blow for the final shot of our initial test. Amazingly, the 6th shot did not penetrate the vest.

Satisfied with the shooting portion, we holstered our sidearms and moved in closer for the stab test. Our good friend that was testing with us even stated that there was “no way that soft armor would stop a stab attack.” As you see in the footage, our test vest withstood a very substantial stab attack.

After successfully stopping 6 direct hits from a pistol and a furious stab from a well sharpened blade, we were impressed. At the end, we were finally able to penetrate our BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA with the 7th direct hit of an another .357 magnum.

Watch the Test


Going into the testing phase of this review, we were guardedly optimistic. We went into this review with a goal of putting The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA through the most serious test within our capabilities. The idea of stopping actual bullets and stab attacks is impressive, but actually stopping them is nearly unbelievable until you see it with your own eyes.

I hope that had as much fun reading/watching this review as we did making it. If you’re interested in your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA, click any of the links on this page. In addition to The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA, they offer a variety of other personal protection items. If you have any questions, please reach out to the folks at BulletSafe.

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