The AR platform lends itself to a wide range of customizations. Sometimes it’s about functionality and sometimes it’s about style. After checking out the TITAN 2.0 grip by Tyrant Designs, I can safely say this one is about both.

For this install I started with my Palmetto State Armory lower with a composite grip. The standard grip was fine and isn’t something I paid much attention to. Probably a rather under-noticed element of a rifle set up. Checking out what Tyrant Designs has to offer though intrigued me about upgrading this fundamental component. After swapping out my plastic grip for something more substantial and stylish I can say it’s worth it.

tyrant designs titan 2.0 grip in box

TITAN 2.0 – What It’s Made Of

Let’s start with the construction. The TITAN 2.0 is made from billet aluminum with an anodized hard-coat. You can feel the quality as soon as you pick it up. Add on to this that it is proudly made right here in America and you have a really high-quality product.


I don’t think there is a simpler AR modification. Your grip is installed to your lower receiver with one Allen wrench screw. Tyrant includes a ball-head Allen wrench and matching screw (in my case black). I’m not sure if the other available colors come with a black screw or if it is anodized to match.

I unscrewed my current grip and attached the new grip. You will definitely want to hand-tighten the screw as much as possible because the final angle to tighten the grip is a tad awkward. That’s where the ball-head Allen wrench comes into play – it will allow you to do the final tightening at an off angle from the grip. That was the only bit of trouble I had installing the grip. If there was a slot in the bottom of the grip for a straight-on tightening, that would be my only suggestion on making this install easier.

Also, to all of the relative newbies out there in the Everyday2A Community, pay attention to the pin and spring between your grip and lower that connects to your safety selector. Don’t lose or ignore that piece and make sure it is in place when you swap out your grip.

AR 15 with Tyrant CNC Titan grip

Look and Feel

I have to say, it looks great. If you’re wanting to add some style to your rig, I highly recommend this grip. The feel is also great. You get the cool touch of aluminum with an incredibly smooth finish. No square or rough edges.

There’s also a nice contour to the grip that took a bit of getting use to. I have average-sized hands and there was a bit of adjustment of placement of my middle fingers and the remaining two fingers on the ergonomic curve. However, overall, it feels great.


I felt like comparing weight was an important factor to an upgrade like this. You don’t really ever want to unnecessarily weigh your rig down. Obviously, the plastic composite handle is less substantial and therefor lighter. From my calculations, a full 2 ounces lighter. As you’re adding on accessories, just keep that in mind. However, a mere 2 ounces to replace something plastic with something metal and American made is probably worth the trade off.

plastic AR grip weighing 3 ounces
Stock composite AR grip with stock screw – 3 ounces
Titan Grip with screw weighing 5.2 ounces
TITAN 2.0 Grip with Screw – 5.2 ounces

Wrap Up

There’s nothing about the Tyrant Designs TITAN 2.0 that I don’t like. Feels great, comfortable, and high quality. Any install that takes one screw is also a big plus for me when recommending things to the Everyday2A Community. It’s an upgrade that literally anyone can do.

Yes, it’s going to add some weight to your rifle and that is something to keep in mind. 2 ounces here and there eventually adds up. But, adding a Made in America accessory to upgrade plastic to billet aluminum, seems pretty reasonable for the weight offset.

For $99.95 you can’t go wrong. Plus, in communicating with the folks at Tyrant, they seem like a great group to work with. They have an entire line of accessories for not just the AR platform but for some handguns as well. Check them out and tell ’em we sent ya!

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