Initial thoughts:

When I was introduced to Tyrant Designs CNC, the first product that really caught my eye was the original MOD Foregrip. After reading reviews of the original, I was then intrigued by the preorder for the MOD v2 Foregrip and its sleek design. Starting at $64.99, there are so many colors to choose from. If you’re looking to add a little variety, the MOD v2 Foregrip also comes in black, red, grey, blue, and gold. I kept things uniform and went with black for mine.

tyrant cnc foregrip installation


Thanks to the unique design, you can order the MOD v2 Foregrip with hardware for KeyMod, MLOK, or both. My foregrip came with both, but my system of choice is the MLOK. The installation was as simple as any MLOK install. I began by starting the locking hardware on the threads in a position parallel to the MLOK slats. From there, inserting the screws/hardware in the MLOK slats, and tightening the screws with the provided allen wrench. I recommend using a little thread locker so that you don’t rattle off your foregrip when you need it the most.

tyrant designs fore grip product review

Range Day:

Generally, I go gloved when shooting, but this grip is comfortable with or without gloves. The strap on the bottom is rubber and creates a nice grip surface whether you’re running gloves or not. Going into the actual use of the product, I knew that it would be useless if it wasn’t comfortable or I didn’t enjoy shooting with it. We managed to send a good bit of lead down range and the grip continued to perform in a positive way.

tyrant vs fore grip review range time


Designed and manufactured in the USA from CNC machined billet aluminum, the MOD v2 Foregrip fits the bill for what I demand out of anything that I would run on my blaster. The foregrip I was running before the v2 was largely made of polymer, but the v2 was still lighter. In other words, I added the durability of billet aluminum, but managed to reduce the overall weight of the blaster. While the function is great, it doesn’t hurt that it looks really good and the anodizing is nice.

I’m happy to say that my MOD v2 Foregrip from Tyrant Designs CNC is now a permanent fixture on my blaster. Take a look at the v2 and rest of their AR line. In addition to the AR, they offer a wide variety of other platforms (including Glock).

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