TandemKase Review:

I’ve had my TandemKase now for about a year and have had the chance to put some miles on it. The case has served me well for countless range trips, and it has also been with me for two pistol courses.


  • Holds 7 single or double stack magazines. I’ve been using mine for my Glock 19 and have no trouble fitting the standard Glock 19 OEM magazines.
  • Main pouch for pistol storage. Holds my Glock 19 with room to spare for a red dot, pistol light, etc… I’ve even stored extra magazines in addition to my handgun.
  • 2 storage pouches on the opposite side of the row of mag pouches. I regularly store my Glock magazine loader, between 100-200 rounds of 9mm ammo, and a pair of backup hearing protection.

Additional Features:

  • There’s a great little polymer ring that I use to clip on my safety glasses case. Makes for one less item to carry or keep up with in a fast-paced environment like a pistols course. Another subtle feature from Tandemkross from that is intentionally designed for the end-user.
  • In the absence of a decent surface, the bag acts as a pistol mat when fully unzipped and spread out. This is great when performing quick maintenance at the range,

When I pick up my TandemKase from Tandemkross I know that I’m ready to walk out the door for a great day of shooting. Like everything at Tandemkross, this pistol bag is guaranteed for life. I really like this bag and I’m confident that it will make a great addition to your setup. Don’t hesitate and order yours before your next trip to the range!

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