Kennedy Nylon Designs - Custom Chest Rig

“My work is custom made to the customers specs. I want people to understand that I am the guy to go to when you can’t find what you are looking for elsewhere. When they can’t buy off the rack, I will build the gear that fits the bill.” – Rory


On a weekly basis, I receive magazines, and catalogs filled with the latest and greatest tactical gear on the market. If you are like me, you quickly dismiss the biggest majority of these products as junk and not worth your money.

Like just about any sportsman, I work hard for my money. One of the top attributes that I look for in a product is quality. I see each purchase as an investment in my future and the future of my loved ones.

Initial Thoughts:

The professionally packaged box gave a first rate impression of his product. The perceived quality and durability really jumped out at me. Needless to say, I’m excited. You can tell by the weight and thickness of the nylon that you’re holding a solid rig. In no time, I adorned my rig and headed for the range.


I decided from the beginning that the best way to test the comfort of my new rig was to not only wear it shooting, but to wear it all day long.

My biggest fear in using this was a loss in range of motion, and fatigue from an additional weight.

I’m pleased to that my fears were unfounded. After several hours of wearing a full loaded rig (and a view odd looks from my wife), I’m quite happy with the weight distribution and overall comfort.

Rory made sure to let me know that he redesigned several of the pouches and improved their ergonomics. To put his claims to the test, I attempted manipulate the mag pouches from several shooting positions. The Velcro is sturdy and ensures the contents of your rig will remain in place and ready for use.

I shot prone, kneeling, standing, running, and crawling. The rig functioned flawlessly, and exceeded my expectations in every scenario!

Another Example of His Work

Kennedy Nylon Designs - Custom Chest RigAnother standout at Kennedy Nylon Design’s is their customer service. Response times are quick and courteous. Needless to say, I’m a happy and now loyal customer.

Ready to place your order? Kennedy Nylon Designs make all of their products to order. They listened to my needs and created a product that was feasible and functional. My design included a few custom touches that the team was more than happy to design to my specs.

The Technical Details:

1000 denier cordura for all products, and many are built using double layer construction. Seams are triple stitched and stress points are box stitched. Colors in stock now are OD, black, coyote brown, ranger green, woodland, and Mexican digital.

Multicam is unfortunately an extra 10% due to it being 3x as much as other patterns.

Starting prices for Chest Rigs:
3-mag $65
4-mag $95
6-mag $125
8-mag $150
RPK (8-mag) $175

While the 3 and 4 mag rigs come standard with velcro and pull tabs,the 6 and 8 mag rigs are equipped with fastex buckles. The 6 and 8 mag rigs also have built in pouch dividers.

Bandoleers are $35
2-mag shingles $20
3-mag shingles $30

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Another Example of His Work

Kennedy Nylon Designs - Custom Chest Rig

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