Atflbox Shooting Target 8inch Bulleye Super Splatter and Adhesive Target. Shooting outdoor and indoor ranges.Rective shooting targets for Gun – Rifle – Pistol – AirSoft – Air Rifle

  • Quickly locate the target paper, spend less time looking for the target, and more energy to shoot
  • Easily see your shots at a distance,No more walking downarange to see your shots,whether indoors or outdoors.
  • HIGH STRENGTH adhesive targets stick to almost anything and anywhere in any temperature.
  • Each target has 26 cover up patches per target for more shooting.Can be more durable and resistant to pay.In the same product, the number of patches is more, and the price is affordable.Simply peel and stick our patches over the existing bullet holes to repair and then shoot again.
  • These targets have been field tested to provide the shooter consistent feedback from airsoft & all types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns.We provide real background images of the after shooting.

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