Journey™ Water Purifier Bottle Review

One of the most common subjects when discussing preparation is water purification. Water, especially good water, is one of those basics that you just can’t substitute, or do without. If you’re reading this review, you’re on the right track.

As with all of my product evaluations, I was excited to dig in and eagerly awaited the arrival of my Journey™ Water Purifier Bottle. After a quick wash with warm and soapy water, I was ready to assemble my bottle. With that being said, it’s all dishwasher safe (minus the filter). The bottle will continue to look better over time if hand-washed.

The bottle includes two straws: a long straw and a short straw. The long straw is for use when the water filter is not necessary. The shorter of the straws connects your water filter to the spout of the water bottle itself. The filter comes individually wrapped and is ready to go as soon as you open it. After a quick connection of the short straw to the filter and spout, I was ready to fill the bottle with my water. The instructions suggest allowing 5 minutes between filling the bottle with water, and consuming the water.

sagan life journey water bottle outdoors


– Purifies up to 250 gallons of contaminated water.

– Removes 99.9999% of Bacteria (E-coli), 99.99% of Virus, 99.99% of Parasites (giardia/cryptosporidium) meeting EPA micro water purifier standards.

– Holds 24 fl. oz; covered cap; flip-up silicone mouthpiece.

– Reduces heavy metals and chemicals; Lead, Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, Arsenic, etc.

– Using a single Journey™ water bottle saves 1,890 16oz/500ml bottles from contaminating our planet as refuse.

Evaluation and Results

Starting with the basics, I drank water from my own kitchen sink, various fountains, and other common water sources. While the filter will work with any non-salinated source, it is important to remember that visibly soiled or chlorinated water will reduce the life of the filter. Consider using a cloth or screen to remove as much sediment as possible before use with less traditional water sources.

I was most surprised with my results from the local municipal water. I grew up on municipal water that came straight from the sink. While we’re blessed in overall water quality, the city still chlorinates the heck out of their water and the taste is noticeable. I’m pleased to report that the Journey™ Water Purifier Bottle removed the chlorine taste as well as whatever else might be lurking in the local city water.

In Case You Were Wondering:

The straw and filter require much less suction than I initially expected. It’s even easy enough for a toddler to successfully drink from (yes, we tested that part too).

How will you know when the filter is done? When the water is harder to suck through the straw, it is time to change filters. As long as water is flowing through the filter, it is being purified.

sagan life journey bottle purification system


Bottom line, no matter where I collected water, the taste was consistent, and I felt safe about the water I was consuming. Before my review began, my expectations were that I would test the bottle thoroughly, and then dry it out and store it for an emergency. I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy the bottle is to use, and I’ve now decided to add it to my everyday carry.

Why wouldn’t you want an on-the-go and easy option to insure the purity of the water you’re consuming on a daily basis? Ready to order? Click here, and go ahead and add some extra filters to store for that rainy day (literally).For more information regarding filtration, please visit the Sagan Life Webpage and view their independent test results.

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